Introducing Homeroom Chess

A simple solution for integrating chess into your classroom curriculum.

Challenge Your Students

Students will practice critical decision-making using logic and a scientific exploration of possibilities again and again - and love it!

Downloadable and Reproducible

31 lessons in PDF form, for use in print or on tablet.

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Over a decade in the making, Homeroom Chess is the only curriculum of its kind that helps you – the educator – integrate the game of chess into your classroom. It’s an easy-to-implement, low-cost way to raise the level of critical-thinking skills among your students while providing an effective and fun way to learn.

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Why Chess?

Chess may be one of the most powerful tools a teacher can use to develop a child’s mind. More than a game for students with Mensa-level IQs, chess as part of a classroom curriculum has been proven to promote rational thinking, improve cognitive abilities and spatial reasoning, and raise originality across a wide range of current student abilities.

Who can teach it?

For starters, you can. Even for teachers who don’t know a rook from a pawn, Homeroom Chess places you one step ahead of your students. By tapping into the professional expertise of the curriculum developer, you can teach chess with the kind of confidence that comes from experience.


Use Homeroom Chess to help your students fully prepare to advance to the next level of their education. Equip them with the critical thinking, problem solving, and analytical skills they need to succeed in secondary education where the demands and expectations are high. The best part – students focus on having fun!

Level Playing Field

On the chessboard, everyone is equal. The game crosses boundaries of language, socio economic difference, culture, age, gender, and even physical disabilities. In diverse classrooms, chess can become a helpful bridge for students to use to overcome perceived differences.

Homeroom Chess offers easy, manageable lessons and helps you teach students through a simple step-by-step approach. Download a free sample lesson for a closer look.